ABC Travelling Fellowship articles

Chris Wall recounts his experience attending the 2022 combined NZOA-AOA ASM in Christchurch. 

Luke Johnson recounts his experience in the 2018 ABC Travelling Fellowship across North America.

2016 ABC Fellow Michael McAuliffe toured hospitals across North America in an exchange of science, culture and philosophy.


Bill Donnelly, Piers Yates, David Little and Phong Tran recount their experiences hosting the 2015 ABC Travelling Fellows in Western Australia, Sydney and Melbourne.

Phong Tran toured visited nine cities in the US and two in Canada, spending two to three days in each city, and recalls his experiences and lessons learned as an ABC Travelling Fellow.

AOA’s 2012 ABC Fellow, Piers Yates, provides an account of his North American voyage.

2008 ABC Fellow Richard Williams facilitated the visit of the ABC Travelling Fellows of North America between 16 and 21 May 2011. The three stops of the tour were Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney.