Australian Orthopaedic Registrars' Association

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The Australian Orthopaedic Registrars' Association was formed in 1984 but registrars from around Australia have met annually since 1976 for a scientific meeting, annual general meeting and Ambrose Golf Tournament. The President and CEO of the AOA are invited to attend this meeting.

The elected President of the Association is the Registrar Representative on the Federal Training Committee.

All registrars are encouraged to discuss any issues either with the AORA President or their regional training representative on the AORA National Committee (see contact details below).



  • When: 28–29 October 2022
  • Where: Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Register via the Events page. 
Please refer to the AOA Calendar for future events.


2021–22 President

David Kelly

C/- Australian Orthopaedic Association
Level 26
201 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000


2021–22 AORA Committee

Vice President, WA and RACSTA Representative

David Kelly

NSW Newcastle Representative

Robbie Glanfield

NSW Northside Representative

Annabel Probert

NSW Southside Representative

Hussain Al-Ramadani

QLD Representative

Jon Anderson

SA Representative

David Kitchen

VIC/TAS Representative

Charles Gallagher

OWL Representative

Madeleine Jolley



1984 Michael Bellemore


2000 Cameron Cooke

      2015–16 Peter Moore

1985 Laurie Giutronich


2001 Nicole Leeks

     2016–17 Nicholas Jorgensen

1986 Myles Coolican


2002 Adrian Bauze

     2017–18 Minjae Lee

1987 Michael Gillespie


2003 Andrew Hardidge

    2018–19 Chris Conyard

1988 Michael O'Sullivan


2004 Peter Papantoniou

    2019–20 Catherine Hibberd

1989 Stephen Kemp


2005 Michael Lutz

    2020–21 Tom Clifton

1990 Michael Holt


2006 Vera Kinzel

     2021–22 Nick Maister

1991 Andrew Mintz


2007 Nick Pourgiezis


1992 David Kirwan


2008 Andrew Oppy


1993 Ross Kennedy


2009 Nicole Williams


1994 Roger Brighton


2010 Paul McEniery


1995 Paul Licina


2011 Jai Kumar


1996 Ian Skinner


2012 Simon Zilko


1997 Scott Brumby

    2013 Aaron Buckland


1998 Gerard Bourke

    2014 Alexander Nicholls


1999 Gareth Long

    2015 Phil Huang