Champions of Change Photo Essay

Photo Essay

An AOA Champions of Change Working Group initiative

The CC Photo Essay is a new initiative of the AOA Champions of Change Working Group, which aims to raise awareness and express support for diversity broadly whilst focusing the spotlight on gender diversity and equity in the current and future orthopaedic workforce.

Our gratitude and congratulations to the winner and highly commended submissions. 

Congratulations to Anum Awais, orthopaedic service registrar at Royal Adelaide Hospital, on winning the CC Photo Essay 2022. 


View the CC Photo Essay 2022 winning submission, A Real Possession in the Changing Fortunes of Time: Narrative of an Aspiring Female Orthopaedic Surgeon

We'd also like to acknowledge and congratulate the following highly commended submissions:

2nd: Alexandra Bunting, Postgraduate Doctor, Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia. 
3rd: Inas Badres, Postgraduate Doctor, Victoria. 
4th: Sikta Samantray, Postgraduate Doctor, Queensland. 

View the CC Photo Essay highly commended submissions here.*

*Please note some of the images displayed depict surgical operations.