Post Fellowship Education and Training


Post Fellowship Education and Training (PFET) Programs in Spinal Surgery are short-term supervised training programs designed to allow orthopaedic and neurosurgeons to develop their surgical skills in spinal surgery.

This sub-specialty training is primarily provided through a work-based surgical program provided by a supervisor and institution. PFET programs have:

  • A defined curriculum
  • Deliverability of the proposed curriculum
  • A series of in-training formative assessments 
  • Process to assess satisfactory performance in training
  • A mechanism to confirm satisfactory completion of training

These programs are only available to those who have obtained a specialist training qualification in orthopaedic surgery or neurosurgery.

In a positive effort to work collaboratively with other surgical specialities, the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) and Neurosurgical Society of Australasia (NSA) have worked closely together to develop a joint Spinal PFET Program that has been accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

For additional information regarding the accreditation of programs please refer to the Regulations and the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia website.

Accredited PFET Positions