Celebrating orthopaedics

Learn about the past, present and future of orthopaedics in Australia.

Celebrating 85 years of restoring and advancing the wonder of movement since the Association's foundation in 1936.

Our video celebrates the positive effect of orthopaedic surgery and developments, and explores the personal side of treatments that restore and advance the wonder of movement.

Travelling Exhibition
The travelling orthopaedic exhibition showcased the history of orthopaedics in Australia and displayed fixation and prosthesis examples, surgical equipment and banners that tell the story of orthopaedics' past 80 years.

If you've never quite got a handle on what orthopaedics is, here's a handy introduction.

Find out how they develop, what they're made of, and how they break down and grow back.

There are numerous ways for bones to break, and sometimes they need help healing.

What might you expect to find in a modern operating theatre?

Read about the device that can print cartilage with living cells.

Robotic assistance allows surgeons to control implements with incredible precision.