Training site accreditation

Accreditation – the basics

Hospitals and private sites that would like to offer training in orthopaedic surgery must apply to AOA for accreditation of one or more training positions. AOA assesses each training site on a range of criteria to ensure that the site is appropriately equipped to provide education and training opportunities in accordance with the curriculum and AOA 21 Training Program requirements. Hospitals are assessed against the criteria specified in the AOA Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and Training Positions.

Accreditation standards

The AOA Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and Training Positions have been developed to ensure that all orthopaedic training sites meet the appropriate standards for delivery of the AOA 21 Training Program. The Standards document outlines the standards and criteria considered essential for the learning environment of orthopaedic surgery trainees. All hospitals, orthopaedic surgery departments and training positions will be assessed and monitored according to these standards.


The primary aims are:

  • to ensure the collective delivery of education and training is appropriate for a doctor to achieve specialist registration in orthopaedic surgery; and
  • to promote continuous quality improvement of training sites accredited for this purpose.

The AOA Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and Training Positions can be downloaded from the link below.

The accreditation review process

Review process on transp

Detailed information regarding the AOA Accreditation Review Process can be found in the document below.

AOA Accreditation Review Process

For more information on applying for accreditation of a new training position, please contact the AOA accreditation team (details below).

Role descriptions for AOA positions


For more information regarding accreditation, please contact the AOA accreditation team.

Phone: 02 8071 8000