As part of the Diversity Strategic Plan 2018-2023, we aim to support improvement throughout the Australian orthopaedic community in relation to:
  • culture and leadership
  • advocacy and engagement
  • flexibility
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In order to meet objectives from the Strategic Plan, AOA have developed the Orthopaedic Women's Link (OWL) and Champions of Change Working Group to take action on diversity issues and to encourage collaboration within the membership.

OWL advocates for women in orthopaedics and within AOA, aiming to encourage and support women throughout their orthopaedic careers. 

The Champions of Change Working Group aims to work with the AOA Board, Orthopaedic Women's Link (OWL) Committee and AOA membership to address diversity within the organisation and membership.

For further information about OWL or Champions of Change, contact michelle.white@aoa.org.au