AOA Fellowship Service Provisions

As part of a shared commitment to improve patient outcomes, AOA supports fellowship programs, supervising surgeons, and their fellows in several ways. These include the Fellowships Administration Service, the Payroll Service, and the Fellowship Funds Transfer Service. These services can also be applied to fellowships in other surgical specialities. 

AOA’s enthusiastic and professional team provides the highest standard of service to fellowship program supervisors and their fellows. If you are interested in using any of these services, please email or contact 02 8071 8000 and speak to an AOA staff member today. 

Fellowship Administration Service

AOA assists fellowship program supervisors and their international fellows with the complex and time-consuming processes involved in fulfilling Australian Government statutory requirements for undertaking a fellowship program in Australia. 

AOA’s team has specialist knowledge of the intricate medical-registration and visa-application processes. This helps to ensure a fast, efficient, and streamlined service. 

AOA’s Fellowship Administration Service includes: 

  • Medical registration and visa documentation prepared and lodged on behalf of the supervisor and fellow.
  • Established working relationships with the government bodies involved.
  • Knowledge of the latest development changes in legislation to the fellowship process.
  • Provision of support and assistance from a dedicated fellowships officer available by telephone or email to answer any questions you or the fellow may have throughout the process. 

Payroll Service

Due to the requirements of the MTAA Code of Practice (or its equivalent), many medical device companies often engage the services of a third party to facilitate the funds transfer for fellowships. AOA can accept industry support for fellowship programs and pay these directly to the fellow. 

AOA can facilitate payment of fellowship funding from medical device companies and other funding bodies directly to the fellow. The payroll service has been designed to reduce payroll administration for supervisors and healthcare organisations.

Fellowship Funds Transfer Service

AOA is also able to facilitate payment of fellowship stipend from medical device companies/other funding bodies directly to an organisation who will then take responsibility for paying the fellow. 

Use of the Fellowship Funds Transfer and Payroll Service guarantees entities or institutions arm's length separation between funding and the delivery of a fellowship program.