Accredited Fellowship Services

Fellowship Administration Service

AOA is endeavoring to support its members and their international fellows by assisting with the complex and time-consuming process involved in fulfilling the Australian Government statutory requirements when undertaking an orthopaedic fellowship in Australia.

AOA has a dedicated in-house Fellowships Officer and Manager, who have specialist knowledge of the intricate and often complex orthopaedic fellowship and international visa application process. This helps to ensure a fast, efficient and streamlined service.

AOA’s Fellowship Administration Service includes:

  • RACS, AHPRA and DIBP documentation prepared and lodged on behalf of the supervisor and fellow.

  • Established working relationships with the government bodies involved.

  • Knowledge of the latest development changes in legislation to the fellowship process.

  • Provision of support and assistance from a dedicated fellowships officer available by telephone or email to answer any questions you or the fellow may have throughout the process.

To commence utilising the AOA Fellowship Administration Service or to discuss this service further, please do not hesitate to contact the AOA Fellowships Manager on 02 8071 8000 or email

Fellowship Fund

AOA also provides a service to medical device companies who wish to support AOA accredited fellowships.

Due to the requirements of internal compliance, and of adhering to the MTAA Code of Practice (or its equivalent), many medical device companies often engage the services of a third party to facilitate the funds transfer for fellowships. The AOA Fellowship Fund can accept industry support for AOA accredited fellowships.

Use of the AOA Fellowship Fund guarantees entities or institutions offering fellowships independent separation between funding and fellowship in the delivery of an AOA accredited fellowship program.

Enquiries regarding the Fellowship Fund should be made through the AOA Fellowships Manager via phone on 02 8071 8000 or by emailing