Short Stay Arthroplasty – the Australian experience

29 October 2020

Part two in our 'Short Stay Arthroplasty – Sustainable and Better Value Healthcare?' series

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8pm – 9.30pm AEDT (90 mins), Thursday 29 October 2020


Panellists shared their experiences in arthroplasty in numerous settings.

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Andrew Ellis (AOA past president)
Catherine McDougall (AOARF general director and Brisbane Orthopaedic Specialist Services orthopaedic surgeon)


Michael Solomon (Arthroplasty Society of Australia president)
David Liu (Gold Coast Centre for Bone and Joint Surgery orthopaedic surgeon)
David Mitchell (Ballarat Base Hospital director of orthopaedics)
Richard de Steiger (AOA National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR) deputy director)
Christopher Vertullo (AOA general director and Australian Knee Society president)

Additional resources

The Australian Financial Review featured this webinar in Surgeons push back on same-day knee replacements (November 2 2020).