Leading in a crisis

25 August 2021


8pm AEST, Wednesday 25 August 2021


What have we learnt about leadership from the COVID pandemic?

What can be done to prepare for the next crisis?

For many years the AOA Board has recognised the importance of supporting the development of leadership capacity for future leaders in the health sector, and of nurturing relationships with and amongst younger members of our own and other surgical societies.

Annually AOA hosts an ‘Emerging Leaders’ Forum’ (ELF), which aims to provide an opportunity for participants to be inspired by guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds, who share their experiences of, and insights about, leadership. In place of the forum this year, two webinars will be held to extend the learnings about leadership to the wider AOA membership, and to our colleagues in other surgical societies.

Webinar attendees can submit questions for the panellists to address during the webinar – please add your questions on the registration form.

Save the date

Leadership webinar 2: 'The New Normal in Healthcare' –  8pm AEST, Wednesday 15 September 2021.


Michael Gillespie, AOA President
Alison Taylor, AOA State Chair Director and former VIC Branch Chair



Professor Catherine Bennett
Deakin University Epidemiology Chair

Catherine is a leading researcher and teacher in public health, with over 20 years of research in infectious disease epidemiology and community transmission, including collaborating in a range of international COVID-19 research projects examining COVID-related policy and the evidence behind it. She is also a distinguished educator and leader in curriculum and program development and reform, as well as in academic governance. Catherine is a leading public analyst and advisor, and a trusted expert commentator on COVID-19.


A/Professor Tony Stewart
Medical epidemiologist

Tony is actively engaged with national & international training initiatives for field epidemiology, public health and rapid response to health emergencies. Since 2004 he has worked as a Lead with WHO’s Global Outbreak Alert & Response Network (GOARN) in Banda Aceh and Samoa, West Africa and the DR Congo, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and the Pacific. In 2020 he worked with the Victorian Health Department in responding to the COVID pandemic in the National Incident Room and later during the establishment of the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre.

Dr Annette Holian
AOA Vice-President, RACS Councillor, RAAF Group Captain and Clinical Director of Surgery, and orthopaedic and trauma surgeon.

Annette has helped lead the development of Australia’s civilian disaster response capability. She has undertaken five deployments to war zones, including three tours to Afghanistan as well as several humanitarian disaster responses. She has just completed four years as the Chair of RACS Global Health and is the current RACS Chair of BSET. Annette was one of the first two women to commence orthopaedic training in 1986 and will become AOA’s first female president in November.