Andrew Kurmis honoured with Frank Stinchfield prize

by Unknown |
9 June 2017
Andrew Kurmis recently presented research at the 2017 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons that was recognised as the highest overall ranked paper. In recognition of this achievement, he was awarded the Hip Society's Frank Stinchfield Prize – an honour "given to a resident or fellow in training who submits an outstanding contribution concerning hip problems."

The Frank Stinchfield Award is one of three prizes bestowed by the Hip Society annually (the others including the Otto Aufranc and John Charnley Awards). The award is named in honour of the late Dr Frank E. Stinchfield, founding president of the Hip Society of the United States and the International Hip Society.
If you'd like to congratulate Dr Kurmis, please feel free to comment on our Facebook post about the award.

Our sincerest congratulations to Andrew and the research team.