The Australian Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration in the Healthcare Sector

The Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) helped launch the Australian Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration in the Healthcare Sector (ACF) at the 2018 APEC Business Ethics for SME forum in Tokyo, 20 July 2018. The ACF is designed to promote shared values and ethical principles for collaboration and interaction amongst organisations in the healthcare sector

ACF Launch ACosenza Speaking
Launch panel
The Framework has the support of Federal Minister for Health the Hon Greg Hunt, endorsement from every state and territory health department, and the support of representatives from across the Australian healthcare community.

“As a foundation signatory, we are fully supportive of this initiative, spearheaded by our own CEO, Adrian Cosenza, who has worked tirelessly to bring together representatives from community – on both provider and patient sides – as contributors and signatories,” Dr Malisano said.

Federal Minister for Health the Hon Greg Hunt MP offered the full endorsement of the Australian Government, commended the leadership and initiative of those involved, and suggested the Framework could provide a model for other countries.

Amongst the 50 signatories to the document are those members who today participated in the formal signing of the document at the APEC Business Ethics for SMEs Forum. Alongside representatives of the biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors, healthcare and hospital associations and clinician practitioner organisations, Consumers Health Forum (CHF) Deputy Chair Jo Watson added her signature to the document.

“The presence of a CHF representative is vital, because this initiative is focused squarely on the Australian patient. Patients deserve a healthcare community driven by honesty, integrity, accountability and oversight. Initiatives like this Framework, coupled with the renewed focus on ethical conduct in our training program, are our way of demonstrating our commitment to these values and, hopefully, strengthening the trust so crucial to effective patient care,” Dr Malisano said.


"The need for well-established principles of ethical behaviour has never been greater. AOA is fully in support of the Framework, which will provide certainty to our patients and all those in the Australian health sector."

– AOA President Dr Lawrence Malisano