2019 VIC Branch Annual Scientific Meeting

  • When: 22–24 February 2019
  • Where: Lorne,Victoria
  • Website:
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Applications for the 2018 Victorian Orthopaedic Research Trust (VORT) grants are now open.

Applications will be accepted from Friday August 3 to Sunday September 9 2018.

Application Forms can be downloaded here.

Completed applications and any queries should be sent to
The late Professor John Hart, a highly-esteemed and visionary Victorian orthopaedic surgeon, established the Victorian Orthopaedic Research Trust (VORT) in 1998, the year he was elected as AOA President.

His original vision for VORT was to support ‘at the grassroots’ young Victorian researchers.

What research does VORT support?

VORT grants are particularly intended to support opportunities for applicants to develop research capability and engagement early in their careers.

Amounts awarded usually range between $5,000 and $12,000. 

VORT grants may be provided for: 

  • laboratory or clinical basic science orthopaedic-related research
  • preventative options, new treatments, screening and diagnostic techniques - or quality of life studies (PROMS)
  • bio-mechanical research into orthopaedic implants, molecular biology and/or anatomical studies
  • applied science studies including pain management and operative intervention trials

Prospective controlled trials take precedence over retrospective reviews. 


Applying for a VORT grant

Applicants are required to:

  • Provide a proposed research aim and explain the potential significance of the research project
  • Clearly outline the proposed methodology
  • Provide a detailed budget, including information on financial support from other sources
  • Advise if the project has been granted ethics approval.

Successful grant recipients will be required to provide research progress reports and to present their work upon its completion. 

Applicants are encouraged to seek advice from mentors or someone experienced in the field of the research project before submitting an application.

VORT encourages newcomers to be involved in research, and if requested, will endeavour to help applicants find suitable mentors or advisors in the field.

The VORT Board of Trustees has responsibility for the organisational and financial management of the Trust, its funds and investments.

The VORT Board currently comprises:

Miron Goldwasser, Chair
John Owen
Chris Haw
Bruce Love
John Salmon
Phong Tran

The VORT Research Committee assesses and scores applications. It provides its recommendations to the VORT Board for its consideration and approval.

Currently the VORT Research Committee comprises:

Peter Choong, Chair
Richard De Steiger
Marinis Pirpiris
Gerald Quan
Martin Richardson
James Stoney

For further information, please contact

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