Research Foundation Fellowship

Fellowship is the highest honour the AOA Research Foundation can bestow upon a member, recognising individuals who have made significant contributions (including, but not only, personal financial donation) to the AOA Research Foundation.

The AOA Research Foundation Board may elect an individual to the Fellowship of the AOA Research Foundation. 

Members may nominate individuals for Fellowship by writing to the Board.

The AOA Research Foundation will acknowledge the elevation to Fellowship by the presentation of a Fellowship pin. Additional acknowledgements are at the discretion of the Board.


Minoo Patel (2021)

Russell Miller (2018)

Paul Smith (2018)

Stephen Graves (2017)

Martin Richardson (2017)

Brendan J Dooley (2011)

David A F Morgan, OAM (2007)

Murray Maxwell (2007) – deceased

Mario Benanzio (2007) – deceased