52nd AOA WA Branch Annual Scientific Meeting



Abstract submissions must be received electronically via the online form by 5pm, (AWST) on 30 June 2024.

Important: if you are non AOA member please read the login information before submitting

  • Please submit your abstract via the online form on this page. Paper or facsimile copies will not be accepted.  
  • All abstract submissions must include a declaration of interest – refer online form. 
  • Final presentations must include a slide declaring conflicts of interest immediately after the title slide.  
  • Failure to include a slide declaring conflicts of interest will result in cancellation of the presentation.


Presenter Guidelines (by submitting an abstract you agree to the following):

  • AOA relies on speakers’ integrity to present oral and visual material of appropriate content. Material presented in slides must conform to this code of respect. 
  • AOA reserves the right to remove conference information and/or to prohibit a presenter from presenting at an AOA Event if the content of the presenter’s conference information does not adhere to these requirements.
  • AOA does not endorse the use of ‘humorous’ material involving nudity or sexist commentary, and warns speakers that slides with material deemed inappropriate will not be aired.
  • If your abstract/presentations contains AOANJRR data please be advised that: 
  • A draft abstract  must be submitted to AOANJRR for review (via email:publications@aoanjrr.org.au) at least 10 days prior to the conference submission deadline.
  • A copy of the presentation must be provided to AOANJRR for review at least 1 week prior to the date of the conference.

Failure to do both may result in your presentation being withdrawn from the meeting.