Training and education

Training and education is at the heart of AOA, providing lifelong learning for all members at all stages of their careers and with hundreds of members from across the country provide training pro bono to assist in guiding the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons.


  • To continue to provide excellence in training and education
  • To continue to progress AOA’s leadership in orthopaedic surgical education
  • To foster lifelong learning and professional behaviours
  • To ensure that trainers receive the best possible support to deliver the highest quality of education to trainees
  • To make available an optimal orthopaedic workforce for the community through improved rural training pathways and by leveraging contemporary technology
  • To drive ethical behaviour through increased education in ethics
  • To nurture a compassionate and flexible environment that is considerate of physical and mental wellbeing
  • To further develop and promote AOA’s global recognition in orthopaedic surgical education
  • To continue to strengthen research within Training and Education to support AOA’s national and international recognition.
AOA Strategic Plan 2022–2024

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