Speaking up for Australian orthopaedic patients

As the representative of the collective knowledge and experience of 98% of Australian orthopaedic surgeons, AOA bears a responsibility to engage with the community, the health care industry, and government to ensure that every decision relating to orthopaedics – from direct provision of care to the development and implementation of regulation – is made with the considered input of the most relevant surgeons and researchers.

Our advocacy efforts manifest in the formation of expert panels and committees to advise state and federal governments on legal and regulatory development, the production of position statements that promote clear, evidence-based advice on specific subjects, and media releases that provide clarification regarding topical issues.


Advocacy and Engagement is a core strategy in AOA's Strategic Plan 2016–2018

Internally and externally, our engagement initiatives help develop a professional community that better connects its members and is better connected with the broader community. While continuing to provide strong support and services to all of our members, we’re also helping to promote diversity and equal opportunity, nurture relationships with our younger members and create new connections with the Australian public.